“That’s Like Me!” and “Needs Work”

I learned this one from Brian Johnson of Optimize.me.

(Links to Brian’s site are affiliate links, which I’m very careful about using on this site. I try to keep my motivations pure – I only use affiliate links with products that I’m 100% sure that I’d recommend whether I’d get paid by them or not. Anyway…)

Brian talks about a couple of phrases that Lanny Bassham uses to optimize his performance.

“Needs Work.” – Say this to yourself when your performance is subpar. Not in a punishing way – matter of factly. The sky is blue, and that needs work. No self flagellation, just keep the focus on the next try.

“That’s Like Me!” – Say this one to yourself when you nail it. Say it in an upbeat, positive manner. According to Lanny (and Brian) this gives evidence to our subconscious mind that we are capable of performing at a high level. More of that, please! The more proof your brain has of your own ability, the better it will perform in the future.

I’ve been using these for quite a while now, for both big things and little things. The biggest one that I can think of right now was while I was training on a new-to-me lift machine at work. I was terrified – a major wrong move with this thing and pallets and pallets of product would come crashing down.

Move the thing perfectly… “That’s like me!”

A little off on my aim? “Needs work.”

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Not only did this help to calm my nerves while maintaining the excitement and focus of learning something new, it does seem to have sped up the process of being able to run the thing.

The following video includes more on the “That’s Like Me!” idea (at about the 9:26 mark), as well as a few other big ideas from Lanny Bassham’s book “With Winning In Mind.”

Try this out. Maybe it will help.




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