I’ve tried countless methods of getting better.

By “getting better” I mean not suffering quite so much, not causing quite so much suffering in the lives of others, increasing my fulfillment, and adding a little bit of value to the world.

I’m still broken, but a little less broken, like a cup that’s been shattered… but at least a couple of pieces have been glued together.

I live in an age and an area where information is available in astonishing quantities at an astonishingly low cost. Information on creating better lives for ourselves is among that.

This is my attempt to pare that information down to what has actually helped me to suffer less, to cause less suffering, to increase fulfillment, and to be valuable to the world.

There’s nothing original here. Google can provide you with an abundance of the same information, presented more coherently, professionally, and accurately, than I could ever hope to.

But I’m going to do this anyway. Whatever you choose to do with that information is up to you. I hope you’ll at least try some of it out. Your choice.

Because maybe what has helped me will help you to reduce the suffering that you and those around you experience, increase your own fulfillment, and add to the world what you feel and/or think it needs.

Thanks for joining me.


I said above that “I’m going to do this anyway.” But I didn’t say why.

Because I believe it will reduce my suffering and the suffering of others, and increase my fulfillment and the fulfillment of others.

Because I believe it will help.


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